Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Some of the hardest places to clean are areas of high traffic such as car parks and drive thrus.

Due to high volume of traffic, various hydrocarbons, greases and oils quickly build up. They not only look unsightly, but eventually develop into a slipping hazard. It is therefore essential these areas are cleaned on a regular basis.

The team at YourClean know how to get the job done.

An essential part of the process is using an industrial strength degreaser in conjunction with a high pressure water hose, to thoroughly remove all traces of built up dirt and grease. After degreasing our team then concentrates on scrubbing the entire area and if necessary sanitizing as well.

Other external areas such as walls and windows can also be cleaned upon request.

This service is offered on a 24 hour basis to avoid disruption to your business.

Please call 0477 701 777 to discuss your specific needs and timeline.